Multi-Disciplinary System Design Optimization of a Launch Vehicle Upper-Stage


  • Mostafa Zakeri
  • Mehran Nosratollahi
  • Alireza Novinzade


Upper stage, Systems design, Multidisciplinary design optimization, Systems integration


The design method presented in this paper is related to the upper-stage system and its instrumentation, expedition and facilitation so as to transfer the satellite from the destination orbit to the target orbit. We used an integrated design method with a structure based on multidisciplinary system design optimization and developed a simple systematic interference method for designing aerospace products. The subsystems’ convergence in an optimized environment, matrix relationship, and integration of the subsystems’ parameters and presentation of design give results while meeting all requirements and considering the limitations of the design were the main aims of the research. Instead of a merely mathematical optimization design, in the present study a new design method with a systematic multipurpose optimization approach was designed. In this context, the optimization means the parameters are optimized as a result of the design convergence coefficients. Validation of the design method was not only obtained through comparison with a specific product but also with the systematic parameters of all upper-stage systems with a similar operation through the results of statistical design graphs. The approximate similarities of the results indicate an acceptable and genuine design with a quite systematic approach which is better than an unreal and merely optimized design.

Author Biographies

Mostafa Zakeri

Space ResearchInstitute,Tehran,Iran

Mehran Nosratollahi

Space ResearchInstitute,Tehran,Iran






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