Evaluation of Chemical Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Properties for LOX/LH2 Reaction Schemes


  • Carlos Henrique Marchi
  • Luciano Kiyoshi Araki Federal University of Paraná


Chemical reaction models, Chemical equilibrium, Combustion temperature, Non-equilibrium.


Nine chemical reaction models for equilibrium schemes and six chemical models for non-equilibrium ones are studied, considering different conditions found in real liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen rocket engines. Comparisons between two eight-species models have shown that the most complex is the best one. Besides, it was also verified that the most complex model has been the fastest, among sixand eight-species models. Both combustion temperature and thermochemical/ transport properties depend only on the chemical species considered by the used model. Comparisons among results from the implemented code (Gibbs 1.3), Chemical Equilibrium with Applications and Thermochemical Information and Equilibrium Calculations, these last two codes from NASA, have shown that Gibbs 1.3 evaluates correctly both combustion temperature and thermochemical properties. Furthermore, analyses have shown that mass generation rates are very dependent on third body reaction equations and forward reaction constants.






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