High Power Laser Weapons and Operational Implications


  • Nelson Alex Roso Aeronautic Technologic Institute, Brazil
  • Romero da Costa Moreira Aeronautic Technologic Institute, Brazil.
  • José Edimar Barbosa de Oliveira Aeronautic Technologic Institute, Brazil.


Weapons system, laser, operational applications, photonics


The operational implications of high power laser weapons are constantly growing in countries with advanced military technological level. As well as on progress in integration with air, land and naval platforms, this paper discusses the necessary development and implementation of the operational concepts into Armed Forces, which should target orientation in the improvement process of the appropriate warfare material, i.e. the laser, as well as remodeling the existing combat’s doctrine. Finally, we highlight some capabilities and limitations inherent in the technology of lasers and present some applications in defense and attack operations enabled by the implementation of laser weapons.

Author Biographies

Nelson Alex Roso, Aeronautic Technologic Institute, Brazil

Brazilian Air Force, Airman Major.

Romero da Costa Moreira, Aeronautic Technologic Institute, Brazil.

Brazilian Air Force, Airman Lieutenant Colonel.

José Edimar Barbosa de Oliveira, Aeronautic Technologic Institute, Brazil.

Aeronautic Technologic Institute,Professor PhD. at Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing.






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