Location Issues of Thin Shell Parts in the Reconfigurable Fixture for Trimming Operation


  • Hu Fuwen North China University of Technology


Thin shell part, Reconfigurable fixture, Location principle, Dynamic stiffness, Trimming.


The location of thin shell parts is always a knotty problem during machining, welding, forming, assembling and inspection operations. This paper mainly focuses on the special location issues in the digital and flexible trimming process for aircraft skins fastened by reconfigurable fixture. Firstly, in view of the dynamic change of effective locators, the “X-2-1” location principle was proposed with reference to the “3-2-1” and “N-2-1” location schemes. Secondly, the standard procedure for solving location parameters was summarized in consideration of location admissibility, holding posture, locator layout and so on. Thirdly, a locating experiment was conducted to investigate the positional accuracy of the reconfigurable fixture and the calculation accuracy of location parameters solution. Fourthly, a quantitative evaluation method to evaluate the dynamic stiffness of the fixturing system was put forward. Moreover, the effects of location layout on the dynamic stiffness were analyzed using the finite element simulation system for the trimming process. A noticeable appearance had been observed that the cliff effect of the dynamic stiffness of the flexible fixturing system may be induced due to the dynamic change of effective locators. Finally, some conclusions and discussion on future works were given.

Author Biography

Hu Fuwen, North China University of Technology

a lecturer at College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, North China University of Technology,China.






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