Material Coding for Aircraft Manufacturing Industry


  • Hong Xia Cai Shanghai University - Shanghai – China
  • Ming Yu Dai Shanghai University - Shanghai – China
  • Tao Yu Shanghai University - Shanghai – China


Aircraft, Material Coding, Material Classification


Material coding is the basis for enterprises to
perform information management. There are various kinds
of materials in the aircraft manufacturing industry. In order
to improve the efficiency of aircraft material management,
this paper studies the aircraft material coding. The aircraft
materials are divided into six categories based on some
characteristics. The flexible material coding model is proposed
consisting of code fields which indicate the material and code
field relations in order to define the constraint relations among
code fields. There are three kinds of code fields: class code,
property code and flow code, while there are three kinds
of relations, including the parallel relation, the subordinate
relation and the dependency one. For convenient recognition
and operation, the alpha-numeric combination code method
is used. The material coding system in which the material
code could be automatically generated was finally developed.
The system has been applied in the aircraft manufacturing
enterprise and it has achieved good results.






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