Hybrid Form of Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm For Optimal Path Planning in Coverage Mission by Cooperated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


  • Hassan Haghighi
  • Seyed Hossein Sadati
  • S.M. Mehdi Dehghan
  • Jalal Karimi


Hybrid algorithm, Path planning, Evolutionary method, Multiple UAVs, Optimal patrolling, Cooperated control


In this paper, a new form of open traveling salesman problem (OTSP) is used for path planning for optimal coverage of a wide area by cooperated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). A hybrid form of particle swarm optimization (PSO) and genetic algorithm (GA) is developed for the current path planning problem of multiple UAVs in the coverage mission. Three path-planning approaches are introduced through a group of the waypoints in a mission area: PSO, genetic algorithm, and a hybrid form of parallel PSO-genetic algorithm. The proposed hybrid optimization tries to integrate the advantages of the PSO, i.e. coming out from local minimal, and genetic algorithm, i.e. better quality solutions within a reasonable computational time. These three approached are compared in many scenarios with different levels of difficulty. Statistical analyses reveal that the hybrid algorithm is a more effective strategy than others for the mentioned problem.






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