Numerical Study of Characteristics of Underexpanded Supersonic Jet


  • Priyadharshini Murugesan
  • Arjun Biju Kumar
  • Akhil Teja Kambhampati
  • Shashank Pillai
  • Girish Chandar Chandrasekar
  • Srikrishnan Ambattu Raghavannambiar
  • Ratna Kishore Velamati


Supersonic jet, Shock cell length, Supersonic core length, Numerical analysis.


Correlations for the supersonic jet characteristics, the mean shock cell length and the supersonic core length, have been obtained in terms of the jet parameters. The jet parameters considered in this study are the exit diameter of the nozzle (de), the design Mach number (Me), the nozzle pressure ratio (NPR) and the ratio of specific heats of the medium (γ). The parameters were varied as follows: exit diameters, from 0.5 to 25 mm; Mach number from 1 to 3; the NPR from 2.14 to 35. Initially, working fluid used is cold air and then effect of variation of γ is taken into consideration. The computational model has been validated and then used for all the numerical simulations. A quadratic fit for both characteristics has been obtained which is applicable to any supersonic jet. The correlations developed are valid within the respective ranges of the parameters stated above.






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