Launching Vehicle Acoustic Data Compression Study Using Lossy Audio Formats


  • Guilherme Coelho da Silva Stanisce Correa
  • Rogerio Pirk
  • Marcelo da Silva Pinho


Data compression, Lossy, Aerospace, Launcher, Telemetry


The field of data compression has evolved over the last decades. In this way, several techniques to reduce the amount of acquired data from the sensor required to be transmitted have been developed. Those techniques are usually classified by lossless or lossy, where, for the lossless techniques, all acquired data is recovered, while the lossy techniques introduce errors to these data. Each of these techniques presents advantages and drawbacks, being the analyst responsible for choosing the appropriate technique for a specific application. This work presents a comparative study using lossy audio formats to be applied on a launch vehicle on-board acoustic data. The Opus format achieved a higher compression rate in comparison with standard compression techniques by saving up to 254 times the required amount of data to be transmitted through a telemetry link on launcher vehicle, and the lowest discrepancy from original data measured by the mean square error metric.






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