Reliability Approach to Optimal Thruster Configuration Design for Spacecraft Attitude Control Subsystem


  • Mahdi Ghobadi
  • Shafaee Maziar
  • Mahdi Jafari Nadoushan


Reliability, Thruster configuration, Redundancy, Satellite attitude control, Control allocator.


An optimal thruster configuration for attitude control subsystem of a spacecraft is presented in this paper. The optimal configuration is designed according to minimum number of required thrusters for satisfying desired reliability with specific redundancy level. The genetic algorithm is employed for optimization process and feasibility of the results is evaluated using algebraic and geometry methods. The main feature of the proposed configuration among feasible configuration with minimum number of required thrusters, which has held to optimal configuration, is that this configuration has maximum reliability and minimum fuel consumption. In addition to feasibility, attitude control performance of some configurations is also examined through the simulation. The results of simulation confirm that the proposed configuration has desirable performance. It is noteworthy to mention that the configuration with maximum number of required thrusters, which is a conventional configuration such that each thruster belongs to only one control channel, has less fuel consumption than optimal configuration. However, the total mass of optimal configuration is less than that of conventional configuration due to a smaller number of thrusters.






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