Studies on Heat Flux Imparted on Thermal Insulation Inside Rocket Motor Containing Double Base Propellant


  • Rakesh Kumar Kalal
  • Balesh Ropia
  • Himanshu Shekhar
  • Prashant Sudhir Alegaonkar


Heat flux, Rocket motor, Thermal insulation, Double base propellant


Thermal insulation inside the rocket motor experience severe pressure and temperature conditions. Experimental determination of heat flux imparted to thermal insulator inside the rocket motor during the static firing is a challenging task. This paper reports the experimental determination of heat flux for double base propellant (DBP) in a small rocket motor. It includes the development of experimental rocket motor, the adaptation of water-cooled heat flux sensor on rocket motor, required instrumentation for heat flux time recording and analysis of data. Data are recorded in real time for double base propellant combustion up to the pressure level ~3.6 MPa. The average heat flux imparted to the rocket motor casing is found in the range of 230–300 × 104 W/m2. Heat flux inside the rocket motor varies nearly linear with pressure. A correlation between the heat flux and pressure is also established for the measured pressure range.






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