Network Characteristics Analysis of Air Traffi c Management Technical Support System Based on Multi-source Weighting


  • Kai Fan
  • Song Han
  • Wei Li
  • Lisha Yu
  • Jiayu Quan
  • Peng Li


Complex network, Community structure, Air traffic management, Geographical location


In order to make reasonable suggestions for the expansion of the Air Traffic Management Technical Support System (ATMTSS), it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the ATMTSS network. This paper constructs a multi-source weighted ATMTSS network that considers the working characteristics and geographical locations of the facilities. The complex network metrics, such as degree, node strength, clustering coefficient, average path length, diameter, and the improved Fast- Newman (FN) algorithm, are used in the analysis of the network. The results show that the ATMTSS network is a complex network with small-world characteristics and random characteristics and that the distribution of ATMTSS network support capability is not the same as the topology network structure. The weighted network is looser than the non-weighted network. The air traffic management in remote areas is less affected by facilities than that in developed areas.






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