A Hierarchical and Prioritized Framework in Coordinated Maneuver of Multiple UAVs Based on Guidance Regulator

Hassan Haghighi, Seyed Hossein Sadati, Jalal Karimi, Mohammad Mehdi Dehghan


The structure of mission management and maneuver planning for multiple UAVs in close formation flight is investigated. This article provides a distributed and priority-based platform of guidance and control model to meet requirements for each coordinated maneuver. To accomplish the coordinated maneuvers of multiple UAVs, some levels of hierarchy from mission planning to accurate guidance law are presented. The main focuses have been on the structure of equations and vicinity pattern to avoid a probable collision during maneuver so the high-level decision-maker can integrate all irregularities and solve them at the same time. Unlike complex control systems, the proposed algorithm provides outstanding following performance and inherent collision avoidance pattern due to prioritized tracking. The results show the admissible performance of the framework designed for implementing coordinated maneuvers due to its lower collision probability and noise resistance. According to the simulations, this method also resolves irregularity and disarrangements in the close formation flights and tracking media.


Hierarchical framework; Guidance and control; Coordinated maneuver; Multi-UAV system; Maneuver planning

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