Research on Sliding Mode Method about Three-Dimensional Integrated Guidance and Control for Air-to-Ground Missile

Zhikai Wang, Jianwei Ma, Jiangtao Fu


Based on adaptive sliding mode-control and back-stepping design method, an integrated guidance and control method with less calculation is proposed, which is designed for air-to-ground missile during the terminal course in threedimensional space. The model of the control system with nonlinear and coupling is simplified, then the integrated guidance and control model in pitch and yaw channel is established. The coupling terms and modeling error between channels is considered as unknown bounded disturbance. An extended state observer is developed to estimate and compensate the unknown disturbance. In the design process, the block dynamic surface method is adopted, and the first order low pass filter is introduced to avoid the problem of differential explosion present in the traditional back-stepping design method during the process of differentiating virtual control variable. The Lyapunov stability theory is used to prove the stability of the system. Finally, in the case of nominal and positive and negative perturbations of model parameters, the simulation experiments are carried outto verify the effectiveness of the proposed IGC algorithm.


Integrated guidance and control; Adaptive back-stepping sliding mode; Dynamic surface; Air-to-ground missile; Extended state observer

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