Construction Methods and Comparative Evaluation of Metal Deployable Load-carrying Shell Structures

Leonid Lobanov, Valentin Volkov, Alexander Yakimkin


This study describes the main regularities for the construction of deployable metal shells of a cylindrical type. The comparative analysis of the efficiency of compact folding methods of thin metal shells of cylindrical and conical types, capable of maintaining the initial load-carrying capacity after unfolding without applying the additional strengthening methods, is presented. The range of possible parameters of long-length structures, constructed on the basis of rigid deployable pressurized shells, is characterized. The paper gives the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of basic functional characteristics of folding inflatable metal structures of cylindrical and conical types under the action of a complex of characteristic external loads, close to the maximum allowable ones. The result of experimental operability confirmation of the proposed structures’ configurations is presented.


Transformable-volume structures; Load-carrying shells; Foldable shells; Deployable structures; Inflatable structures; Surfaces of zero total curvature

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