Study of Gas Turbulent Dispersion Process in the Alcântara Launch Center

Adrián Wittwer, Acir Loredo-Souza, Mario Oliveira, Gilberto Fisch, Bianca de Souza, Elisa Goulart


The Alcântara Launch Center (ALC) is the Brazilian gate to the space located at the north coast of Maranhão State,close to the Equator. Topographical local characteristics modify the parameters of incident atmospheric winds and it can cause great influence on the gas dispersion process. In this work, detailed scale models of the ALC region was experimentally evaluated using a wind tunnel. The topographical scale models were built where mean and fluctuating flow characteristics were analysed in order to understand the real behaviour of ALC winds and then, simulations of the effluent dispersion process were made using these scale models. The wind velocity was measured by a hot wire anemometer and the concentration fields in the proximities of a gas emission source were analysed by an aspirating probe connected to the anemometer system. The results obtained show similarity with numerical outputs from previous study in the case of the emission at ground level. A coherent behaviour with the physic of the phenomena was observed for the case of emission downward.


Wind tunnel; Gas concentration; Diffusion; Aspirating probe

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