Moving forward: continuous article publishing, internationalization and social media dissemination


  • Antônio Fernando Bertachini
  • Elizabeth da Costa Mattos


Continuous Article Publishing, Internationalization, Social Media Dissemination


In order to accelerate the dissemination of already approved articles, JATM began publishing isolated articles in the form of “ahead of print”, without designation of volume, number or pagination. Thus offering the immediate dissemination of knowledge. Articles published in ahead of print, presuppose the subsequent printed publication, organized in a number and volume, with fixed periodicity. This caused confusion in the citation form of the article, which was only possible to be carried out correctly after the printed publication with the defi nitive pagination, penalizing the accounting in the article metrics, since erroneous citations are not listed by the indexing databases.It was then realized that more changes were needed and the JATM Editorial Committee decided to change the periodicity of its publication, and from now on JATM will have its online version published continuously and no longer in the form of quarterly numbers. In this model, articles are published defi nitively, as soon as their analysis and editorial production is concluded. Th us, it is not necessary to wait for the composition of issues, avoiding the unnecessary hindrance of the works, publishing the results of the researches more quickly and regularly

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Elizabeth da Costa Mattos