Orthotropic Elastic Properties Assessment of Sandwich Laminates

Paulo Pedro Kenedi, Lucas Lisboa Vignoli, Brenno Tavares Duarte, Fernando Cesar de Abreu Matos, Humberto Oberosler Terço Dias


Sandwich structures are nowadays widely used due its excellent characteristics of matching light weight with high bend stiffness. However the complex nature of its composition turns the estimation of its mechanical elastic properties challenging. The objective of the present article is to propose an analytical/experimental model to estimate the orthotropic elastic properties of this composite material. To accomplish this objective a theory of anisotropic plates is used together to an extensometric experimental approach. A sandwich laminate specimen, instrumented with strain gages, was submitted through pure bending loading by a mechanical testing machine on a 4-point bending apparatus. The result of this research was the determination of 4 orthotropic elastic properties of the sandwich laminate specimen, namely: the longitudinal and transversal Young moduli, the shear modulus, and the Poisson’s ratio.


Sandwich laminates; Orthotropic properties; Analytical model

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