Passive Fault-Tolerant Control of an Underactuated Re-Entry Capsule

Alireza Alikhani


The design of a passive fault-tolerant control for an underactuated re-entry capsule is considered in this paper; however, the control input of the capsule is failed. At first, kinematics and dynamics of the capsule are studied and modeled, and adaptive control law is used to design a passive controller for the control of the capsule. The guidance law for the capsule is designed based on the guidance law which is used in Apollo. A simulation is performed based on Apollo capsule in order to assess the controller. The result shows good control authority of the controller in the presence of failure in roll and yaw control channels. It is also shown that the guidance law is not credible in the presence of yaw channel input failure.


Passive; Fault-tolerant control; Underactuated; Re-entry capsule; 6 DOF modeling.

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