DBD Plasma: Explicit Model with Integral Approximate Solution to Wall Jet


  • Amin Jafarimoghaddam
  • Sadegh Aberoumand


DBD, Plasma actuator, Body force, Lumped circuit element, Electro-static model.


This study aims to first introduce a formulation which is quite simple for obtaining dielectric-barrier discharge plasma spatial body force. This new model comprises a combination of an empirical model and a numerical one. Although there are still some limitations in the new model (restriction to specific geometry, maximum voltage amplitude of 30 kV, maximum frequency of 30 kHz, dielectric coeffi cient of 2.8 and Debye length of 0.0001 m), it is straightforward compared to the existing ones. The model possesses a high accuracy for the abovementioned band. It is proposed an approximate integral solution for the wall jet problem which is associated with the induced jet produced by dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator. The approximate integral solution for the wall jet is verifi ed by similarity, and the details are extensively discussed.






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