LCL-T Resonant Converter Based on Dual Active Bridge Topology in Solar Energy Applications

Alexander Vladimirovich Osipov, Yury Alexandrovich Shinyakov, Vadim Nikolaevich Shkolniy, Michael Sergeevich Sakharov


Resonant LCL-T converter can operate as stable voltage source, being fed from current, for instance, the photovoltaic battery. It is shown that LCL-T resonant tank has intrinsic ability to convert stable AC current into stable AC voltage thus parametrically regulating output voltage at a fixed value. This mode of operation is made possible by the use of active (synchronous) rectifier to recoup energy from the output back to the LCL-T resonant tank. Basic characteristics of resonant LCL-T converter regulated by phase shift between inverter and rectifier regardless of a solar battery current drift have been defined. It is shown that phase control guarantees 0 voltage and 0 current on switching; however, turn-off current could be substantial. Calculations and assumptions made in this study have been confirmed by simulation and hardware prototype.


Spacecraft power supply system; Resonant converters: Bidirectional dual active bridge; LCL resonant converter; ZVS; ZCS.

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