Copper Cobalt Magnetic Ceramic Materials Characterization at Terahertz Frequencies

Alan Fernando Ney Boss, Antonio Carlos da Cunha Migliano, Ingrid Wilke


This paper presents the complex index of refraction and the complex permittivity of a magnetic ceramic material made of copper (Cu), cobalt (Co) and iron oxides. The index of refraction and the extinction coefficient of the CuCo-ferrite exhibit an almost frequency independent behavior and were averaged to n=3.62±0.05 and k=0.06±0.02. The corresponding complex permittivity was e’=13.12±0.35 for the real part and e”=0.46±0.15 for the imaginary part. The absorption coefficient and the transmittance of the CuCo-ferrite were also determined. The absorption coefficient exhibits a dip at ~0.35 THz, which corresponds to a peak in transmittance at this particular frequency. The impact of the observations on the potential realization of novel THz electronic devices is discussed.


ferrites; refractivity; permittivity; transmission; terahertz

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