Real-Time Gas Turbine Model for Performance Simulations

Henrique Gazzetta Junior, Cleverson Bringhenti, João Roberto Barbosa, Jesuino Takachi Tomita


Industry and universities around the world invest time and money to develop digital computer programs to predict gas turbine performance. This study aims to demonstrate a brand new digital model developed with the ability to simulate gas turbine real time high fidelity performance. The model herein described run faster than 30ms per point, which is compatible with a high-definition video refresh rate: 30 frames per second. This user-friendly model, built in Visual Basic in modular structure, can be easily configured to simulate almost all the existing gas turbine architectures (single, 2 or 3 shaft engines mixed or unmixed flows). In addition, its real time capability enables simulations with the pilot in the loop at earlier design phases when their feedback may lead to design changes for improvements or corrections. In this paper, besides the model description, it is presented the model run time capability as well as a comparison of the simulated performance with a commercial gas turbine tool for single, 2 and 3 shaft engine architecture.


Propulsion; Gas Turbines; Aircraft Engines; Performance; Computer Simulation

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