The Effects of Spoilers on Jet Mixing of Lobed Nozzles

Liu Dawei, Huang Jun, Sheng Zhiqiang, Ji Jinzu


In this study, spoilers were installed on the lobed nozzle principal model. Keeping axial position unchanged, the different widths of spoilers were mounted along the circumferential direction of a mixer tube. The effects of spoilers on the jet mixing of lobed nozzle were investigated by numerical method, and the results showed that, before or after the installation, the flow ratio did not change significantly. The value of thermal mixing efficiency and total pressure recovery coefficient had a corresponding improvement. The spoilers increased the borderline area of the primary and secondary streams, thus the mixing was accelerated. Spoilers can avoid high-temperature primary stream impinging the wall of the tube, and the temperature of mixing tube wall decreased significantly.


Spoiler; Jet mixing; Lobed nozzle; Streamwise vortices; Numerical simulation

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