Thermoelectric-Sourced Programmable Electronic Switching Module to Ignite Electro-Explosive Devices

Aleti Suddheer Babu, Kameshwar Kumar Mishra, Sudhir Laxman Jawale, Prakash Dattatreya Kshirsagar, Himanshu Shekhar


A microcontroller-based programmable electronic switching module is designed and developed. For supplying power to this module, thermoelectric generators (TEGs) are electrically integrated to the switching module. This integrated switching module is carried out to develop a Thermoelectric-sourced Programmable Electronic Switching Module (TPESM), which has many applications in the defence, space and many other fields. This module can also be used to charge batteries and to operate some microelectronic devices. The main objective of this paper was to use the available heat sources in armament stores for some needful applications. This module was successfully developed and proved to ignite electro-explosive devices (EED) at preprogrammed timing using programmable electronic switching module, which operates by the generated voltage of TEG. This paper discusses the applications, development, operation, experiments and results of this module.


Thermoelectric generator, Electro-explosive device, Microcontroller, Electronic switching module.

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