Integration Analysis of Conceptual Design and Stealth-Aerodynamic Characteristics of Combat Aircraft

Cheng Liangliang, Yue Kuizhi, Guo Weigang, Yu Dazhao


 In order to study stealth strike-fighter, an analysis on stealth-aerodynamic integration and conceptual design is conducted. A conceptual 3-D digital model with internal antiship missiles and air-to-air missiles is designed in CATIA software. Based on the physical optics and equivalent electromagnetic current methods, using the self-programmed RCSAnsys software, the Radar Cross Section (RCS) characteristics and characteristics of scattering intensity distribution of the model are numerically simulated. Based on the turbulence theory of standard k-ε equations, using Fluent software, the pressure, velocity and lift-to-drag characteristics of the conceptual aircraft are numerically simulated. The simulation results show that the stealth and aerodynamic characteristics of the conceptual aircraft can be designed through integration analysis process, which can provide technical support to the design of the advanced operational aircrafts.


Conceptual design; Stealth; Strike fighter; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Simulation

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