Effect of Solid-State Laser Parameters on the Surface’s Topography Formation During Texturization of Hard Metal Cutting Tools

Patrícia Helena de Oliveira Teixeira, Adriano Gonçalves dos Reis, Andreas Janssen


The objective of this paper is to analyze the influence of specific laser system parameters on the microstructure of the ring formation process on the hard metal tool’s surface. The parameters analyzed were: working distance, incident beam power and tool surface treatment, flank and rake. The microstructures were analyzed with regard to its diameter and depth by an optical 3-D surface metrology instrument. The analyses were made by comparing the ring’s process formation with the dimples’ process formation, a well-known process called ablation. The results show that the ring’s diameter is increased by increasing incident beam power or the distance of the laser beam’s focus for both surfaces. In addition, increasing the working distance decreases the ring’s depth for both surfaces.


Surface finishing, Pulsed lasers, Ablation, Microstructure.

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