Infrared Spectroscopy Applied to Materials Used as Thermal Insulation and Coatings

Natália Beck Sanches, Ricardo Pedro, Milton Faria Diniz, Elizabeth da Costa Mattos, Silvana Navarro Cassu, Rita de Cássia Lazzarini Dutra


It is very important to control the characteristics of a polymer used in rubber compositions and paints in aerospace applications. Hence, the development of simple and fast methodologies that allow the identification of these compositions becomes attractive to researches carried out in this area. This study has evaluated infrared (IR) techniques, such as transmission, universal attenuated total reflection (UATR), and attenuated total reflection (ATR), for the characterization of elastomers and paints. It takes into consideration the characteristics of surface techniques, such as the depth of penetration of the IR beam into the sample. The presence of additives in low concentrations on paints was only detected by UATR after grinding the components. Results show that it is possible to differentiate rubber mixtures with similar IR spectra and to detect small amounts of additives in the surface of coatings.


Resins;Rubbers; Paints; FT-IR; ATR; UATR

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