Experimental Valuation Diagnostics of Hydrous Ethanol Sprays Formed by a Blurry Injector

Claudia Gonçalves Azevedo, Fernando de Souza Costa, José Carlos de Andrade



Concerns about the rising fuel price and environmental changes have led to the search for alternative fuels and energy sources. The interest in improving the performance of power generation, with the aim of reducing costs, increasing operating efficiency, and reducing the emissions of pollutants, has driven the scientific community to work on new burning technologies. Flameless combustion is one of the best alternative new technologies for a clean and efficient one. The burning of liquid fuels in power generation and propulsion systems depends on the effective atomization to increase the surface area of the fuel and thus to achieve high rates of mixing and evaporation. This work described the spray characteristics of hydrous ethanol in a blurry injector for applications in a flameless compact combustion chamber. The experimental results are obtained over a range of relatively low flow rates with different air-to-liquid mass flow ratios.


Blurry injector, Hydrous Ethanol, Drop Size, Discharge coefficients

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