Key Enablers for the Evolution of Aerospace Ecosystems

Jose Jr Luna Andrade, Konstantinos Salonitis, Alexandra Brintrup


The aerospace industry is experiencing an unprecedented scenario. The air travel drifted from years of constant growth and positive expectations to a place where the uncertainty is the most predominant distinctive. Consequently, the aerospace ecosystem needs to adapt to cope with challenges never faced before. Understanding the evolution of the aerospace ecosystem is thus essential to foster its progression. This research aims at the identification and categorisation of key enablers that have been linked to the growth of aerospace ecosystems. To this extent, key enablers are first identified and then categorised using interpretive structural modelling (ISM) and cross-impact matrix multiplication applied to classification (MICMAC) methodologies. An analysis is elaborated for a developed aerospace ecosystem, the United Kingdom, and an emergent aerospace ecosystem, Mexico. Results evidence a contrasting categorisation of key enablers among both ecosystems. On the other hand, the automotive ecosystem and geopolitical factors are considered as underpinning enablers for both aerospace ecosystems evolution.


ISM; MICMAC; Emergent ecosystem; Developed ecosystem

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