Effects of Magnetic Shielding Configuration on Discharge Characteristics and Performance of a 60 mm-Diameter Low-Power Hall Thruster

Weilong Guo, Jun Gao, Zuo Gu, Ning Guo, Ming-ming Sun


Lifetime is a main factor restraining the application of low-power Hall thruster. Magnetic shielding configuration is regarded as a promising method to prolong the lifespan of Hall thruster. Aiming to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of magnetic shielding configuration applying on low-power Hall thruster, a 60-mm diameter Hall thruster in partial magnetic shielding configuration was designated. Both the numerical and experimental methods were used to investigate the discharge characteristics of the Hall thruster and help understand the mechanism behind. The maximum anode efficiency was achieved as high as 29.7% with 1.7 mg·s–1 anode mass flow and 320 V discharge voltage. To evaluate the effectiveness of the magnetic shielding used for low-power Hall thruster, a 2000 h lifetime test has been carried out and the results indicate that the erosion rate has been decreased below 0.2 μm·h–1.


Hall thruster; Magnetic shielding; Performance; Lifetime Test

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