Extending Model-Based Systems Engineering into Integrated Platform Designed for Civil Aircraft Development

Wenhao Bi, Wenhao Wang, An Zhang, Yunong Wang


With the continuous development and application of modeling technology, civil aircraft designers urgently need to apply model-based systems engineering (MBSE) theory and methods into the field of civil aircraft development. However, the existing modeling tools, which combined with MBSE methodologies, only focus on one particular area, such as requirement modeling, functional modeling and design synthesis. This kind of low coupling design system makes it difficult to link the upstream and downstream designers in the early stage of system development. This paper introduces the MBSE development process of civil aircraft and then establishes an integrated platform composed of six work stations for civil aircraft development based on this process. Commercially available modeling tools, such as IBM Rational DOORS and enterprise architect (EA), are conducted in the platform. The development of flight control system is taken as an example to test the feasibility and efficiency of our integrated platform in logic layer. This platform can complete the activities of aircraft life cycle function analysis, requirement and model management. The loose coupling between the modules and the high cohesive nature allows different system engineers to maintain their design independence and consistency at different stages of development.


System Engineering; Integrated Platform; Flight Control System

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