Upper Stage Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine: A Case Analysis

Daniel Soares de Almeida, Emerson Andrade dos Santos, Günter Langel


This paper provides an overview of the design and development process for the L75 liquid propellant rocket engine (LPRE) foreseen as upper stage of a satellite launch vehicle application. Emphasis is put on the choice of available technologies, an adequate operational cycle, and the most suitable propellant combination. Problems encountered during the development and resulting solution approaches are described. Furthermore, a survey of upper stages including their main performance data currently in operation worldwide is presented. Since economical constraints are more important today compared to previous developments schedule and cost figures and their drawbacks are investigated as well. Finally, a summary regarding the development status of the Brazilian L75 engine is reported.


Liquid propellant rocket engine; Propulsion; Ethanol; System engineering; L75 engine

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