Modeling and Validation of Passive Rectifier for Airplanes with Variable Frequency and Bipolar DC Buses

Lais Abrantes Vitoi, Jose Antenor Pomilio, Danilo Iglesias Brandão


Traditional airplanes with fixed frequency and unipolar DC bus (270 V) commonly use 12-pulse passive rectifiers. The increase of power demand and the concern with aircraft efficiency boost the electrification of airplanes using variable frequency (360-800 Hz) and bipolar DC buses (± 270 V). Thus, this paper analyses the 12-pulse passive rectifiers in this new scenario. It is proposed an accurate model, describing its design, to verify if passive rectifiers are suitable for aircraft application complying with current standards. The analysis of the 12-pulse rectifier is done by an association of two 6-pulse rectifiers and considering both sorts of an input filter, L and LC. The mathematical model is presented and considers typical harmonic components, allowing precise analysis of input current and output voltage. Simulation and experimental results are provided to validate the mathematical model. The paper shows that the 12-pulse passive rectifier is not a viable solution when operating under variable frequency, which was verified by the violation of the electricity quality standards.


Bipolar DC buses; More electric aircraft; Variable frequency systems; 12-pulse rectifier

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