Investigation of Jet Mixing Characteristics Using Slotted Rectangular Tabs

Anusindhiya Krishnaraj, Vinayagamurthy Ganesan


This article discusses the jet mixing effectiveness of rectangular tab with slots to distort the jet, thereby creating vortices of differing sizes to enhance the mixing. This article numerically investigates the effectiveness of slanted slotted/perforated rectangular tabs with the slot connecting the adjacent faces of the tab to control Mach 0.4 jet. To intensify the jet mixing process, two similar tabs with equal blockage ratio of 7% are placed at diametrically opposite locations of the convergent nozzle exit. The jet flow development in the axial and radial directions of the jet are investigated in detail. To measure the effectiveness of the slotted tabs, the results are compared with the free jet and with the jet operated with solid rectangular tab. The percentage reduction in the core length obtained is 84.1 and 74% for the jet employed with the slotted tab and the solid tab, respectively, when compared with the free jet. The results exhibit that the slotted tab distorts the jet in the near field to a greater extent when compared with the solid rectangular tab.


Numerical; Core; Distortion; Control; Effectiveness; Vortices

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