Study of Flow Field Inside a Can Combustor for Micro Gas Turbine Engine Under Nonreacting Flow Conditions

Kirubakaran Vijayakumar, David Bhatt


Generally, micro gas turbines are in the range of 15 to 300 kW. However, recent applications in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and polygeneration require a small micro gas turbine. So, here a small swirl combustor designed for micro gas turbine engine of capacity less than 1 kW is analyzed under nonreacting flow conditions. Simulations have been carried out to study the flow field inside the can combustor. Flow field characteristics, like velocity, path lines, turbulent intensity and total pressure loss are studied. The total pressure loss across the combustor is also measured experimentally and compared with that of simulation results. Good agreement is achieved between experimental and numerical results. The combustor total pressure drop was found to be negligible in the range of 0.002 to 0.06% at an inlet velocity ranges from 1.7 to 10.19 m/s. Flow pattern indicates a strong swirling pattern and strong interaction between the secondary air entrainment inside the flame tube.


Combustor; Combustion chamber; Gas turbine engines; Turbulent flow

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