Reuse of Technical Manufacturing Processes in the Space Area

Amauri Silva Costa, Leonel Fernando Perondi, José Eduardo May


The article explores the reuse of technical processes in the manufacturing of space systems, from the perspective of establishing a database of technical manufacturing processes for use by space organizations. It will be argued that the reuse of processes is made feasible when a database of processes is implemented and that the reuse of technical manufacturing processes provides gains in time, cost, and reliability. A proposal for the organization of project technical processes into a database is presented. The article addresses the following topics: technical process concepts, control and use of technical manufacturing processes practiced by space agencies, identification of technical manufacturing processes, and their organization in a database. Finally, an example of the application of reuse is presented, and the main consequences of the reuse of technical manufacturing processes with the aid of a database are discussed.


Technical processes; Space technology; Manufacturing; Fabrication; Qualification

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