Robust Control for Helicopters Performance Improvement: an LMI Approach

Luiz Ricardo Trajano da Silva, Victor Augusto Fernandes Campos, Alain Segundo Potts


This paper presents an LMI (Linear Matrix Inequalities) application for the design of robust controllers for multivariate systems that have multiple points of operation. Some systems change their parameters along time, then, it is necessary to switch the control for different operational points. The purpose of this controller is to ensure the stability and performance requirements of the system for different operating points with the same controller. The method uses the following concepts of predefined structures controller, LMI region, and polytopic systems. To validate the controller a linearized model of a helicopter was used. These helicopters belong to a system class of MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple Outputs) type and present a complex dynamic in their flight modes, therefore, due to these features, this type of helicopter is a good model to implement and test the efficiency of the described method in this work. The results were satisfactory. Some limitations in its implementation were found and discussed. An LQG (Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian) controller was also designed for the same model of the helicopter just for comparison. Analyzing the settling time properties, the LMI controller presented a better response than the LQG controller.


Linear Matrix Inequalities; Region pole placement; Robust control; Helicopter; Polytopic system

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