Space Power Topology Selection and its System Level Modeling and Control

Renato Oliveira de Magalhaes, Herbi Junior Pereira Moreira


This article analyses the main candidate topologies for power supply for low earth orbit satellite applications, which are considered from the standpoint of energy continuity and power balance. The system components are dealt with as energy port elements through which energy is exchanged along the system. A comparative study and selection of the optimal topology were carried out, according to a criteria of mass/volume reduction and system efficiency improvement. The comparison was made between a three-domain controlled (fully regulated) and a two-domain controlled (also called hybrid) bus topology. After selection, a description of the design of the system control was given, considering the battery charge regulator (BCR) and battery discharge regulator (BDR) as a unified battery power conditioning equipment integrated into a single bidirectional converter. The system design was validated with a Simulink based model with the selected topology being controlled in closed loop to provide a regulated 28 V primary power bus. Finally, the article presents the current prototyping under development.


KESwitching power supply; Energy bonds; Satellite power supply; Fully regulated topology; Bidirectional DC/DC converter

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