Exploring the Mechanical, Thermal and Ballistic Effects of Carbon Black on Paraffin-Based Fuels for Hybrid Rocket Motors

Paula Cristina Gomes Fernandes, Jessica Santos Gomes, Elizabete Yoshie Kawachi, Marcio Yuji Nagamachi, Luiz Fernando de Araujo F Ferrão, Kamila Pereira Cardoso


Paraffin-based hybrid propellants have been developed due to their high burning rate. However, they have some disadvantages such as inadequate mechanical properties and unstable burning. In this work, paraffin fuel grains with carbon black were evaluated to study the possible effects of this additive on the mechanical, thermal and ballistic properties of these grains, besides the already known effect of minimizing the thermal radiation inside the motor. The grains with carbon black showed significant changes in the thermal degradation profile and substantial improvement in burn stability.


Hybrid propellant; Paraffins; Burning rate; Propellant additives

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