Study on the Mechanical Properties of Solid Composite Propellant Used as a Gas Generator

Lia Junqueira Pimont, Paula Cristina Gomes Fernandes, Luiz Fernando de Araujo Ferrão, Marcio Yuji Nagamachi, Kamila Pereira Cardoso


A gas generating propellants are used as initiators of liquid rocket propellants turbopumps and have as desired characteristic a high-volume production of low-temperature gas. In this context, some formulations of composite propellant containing polyurethane (based on liquid hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene), guanidine nitrate, ammonium perchlorate, and additives were evaluated and characterized in order to verify their potential as gas generator propellant, as well as to evaluate the influence of additives on mechanical properties. The formulations were prepared, analyzed, and tested for mechanical properties.


Gas generators; Solid propellant; Propellant additives; Guanidines; Nitrates

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