Vortex Dynamics Analysis of Straight-Body-Type-Fuselage Fighter Using CFD Simulation

Sutrisno Sutrisno, Deendarlianto Deendarlianto, Tri Agung Rohmat, Sigit Bekti Iswahyudi, Setyawan Wibowo


The choice for using a fighter fuselage in a fighter jet design affects a vortex generation advantageous in maneuverability. To study the effect of straight-body-type-fuselage (SBTF) on the vortex dynamic, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method is used, in order to simulate a model of SBTF fighter. The simulation uses Q-criterion to probe vortices, and a logarithmic grid to emphasize the micro-gridding effect of the turbulent boundary layer. The results show detailed quantitative velocity, pressure, trajectory of the vortex core, and wing negative surface pressure distribution (SPD), providing clear pictures of opportunity for performance improvement, better lift, agility, and maneuverability of a fighter if a model requires a new design.


Vortex dynamic analysis; Vortex core; Q-criterion; Flight capability; Rolled-up vortex

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