Local Circulation Features in the Eastern Amazon: High-resolution Simulation


  • Michell Germano
  • Marcos Oyama


Breeze circulation, Local circulation, Eastern Amazon, High-resolution simulation, Weather Research and Forecasting.


A high-resolution simulation of a real case is carried out in Eastern Amazon (Northeastern coast of State of Pará) with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model in order to analyze/detect local circulation features in the region. To this end, we simulated a case with low interference of synoptic weather systems and precipitation aiming to eliminate the effects of convective systems in local circulations. The performance of the model for the day studied was evaluated and the existence of circulations found in the simulation was confirmed through observational data. The model performance evaluation showed that the model was able to capture most of the patterns for the studied area. The simulation captured the presence of three main circulations: the Sea Breeze (SB), on the coast; the Land Breeze (LB), also on the coast; and the Bay Breeze (BB), which forms on both banks of Marajó Bay. In addition to these three major circulations, the high-resolution simulations also revealed the presence of a river breeze (RB) from Guamá River and a fan-shaped circulation on the entrance of Guajará Bay. The observational data confirmed the presence of Guamá River breeze from the Southeast, which is more active from July to September.






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