Effect of a Circular Ring on the Side Force of a Cone–Cylinder Body

Shashank Gaurav, Sudip Das, Priyank Kumar


This paper aims to investigate the side force on a cone–cylinder geometry at different angles of attack (α) by adopting experiments and computations. The cone–cylinder configuration had a length to diameter ratio (L/D) of 10, and a base diameter (D) of 25 mm. The nose shape had a fineness ratio of approximately 3. Results indicated that the side force increases with the increasing of the angle of attack. A circular ring was used to reduce the side force at different angles of attack. Using a smaller height ring (2% of local diameter) in the initial portion of the body did not reduce the side force significantly at lower angles of attack. However, a ring with larger height (5% of local diameter) placed at 2.5 times the diameter of the body from the tip reduced the side force at almost all the angles of attack.


Asymmetric vortex; Side force; High angle of attack; Cone–cylinder.

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