Thermomechanical Characteristics of a Functionally Graded Mounted Uniform Disc with/without Rigid Casing

Vebil Yıldırım


In the present paper, thermomechanical attributes of a power-law graded uniform mounted disc with or without rigid casing are investigated analytically under centrifugal and steady-state thermal loads within the framework of axisymmetric infinitesimal plane-stress elasticity theory. Young’s modulus, material density, thermal expansion coefficient, and thermal conductivity are all assumed to be constantly changed in the radial direction with different inhomogeneity indexes while Poisson’s ratio is kept constant. Two parametric studies are conducted by both hypothetically and physically chosen metal-ceramic pairs namely nickel-silicon nitride (Ni-Si3N4), aluminum-aluminum oxide (Al-Al2O3), and stainless steel-zirconium oxide (SUS304-ZrO2).


Thermomechanical analysis; Exact solution; Functionally graded material; Circular annulus; Rotating disc

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