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A Review of Welding Technologies for Thermoplastic Composites in Aerospace Applications
Costa, A. P., Botelho, E. C., Costa, M. L., Narita, N. E., Tarpani, J. R.

Reflectivity of Hybrid Microwave Absorbers Based on NiZn Ferrite and Carbon Black
Dias, J. C., Martin, I. M., Rezende, M. C.

Bonded Joints Design Aided by Computational Tool
Ribeiro, M. L., Tita, V.

Innovative Bracket Design Concepts for the Installation of Aircraft Systems
Sivaiah, A.

Anti-swing Controller Based on Time-delayed Feedback for Helicopter Slung Load System
near Hover
Omar, H. M.

Pointing Algorithm for Reentry Orbit Injection with Uncontrolled Last Stage
Melo, F. E., Leite Filho, W. C. L., Pietrobom, H. C.

An Optimized Hybrid Rocket Motor for the SARA Platform Reentry System
Cás, P. L. K. D., Vilanova, C. Q., Jr, M. N. D. B., Veras, C. A. G.

Simulation of Ablation in a Composite Thermal Protection System via an Interface
Tracking Method
Machado, H. A.

Analysis of Gas Turbine Performance with Inlet Air Cooling Techniques Applied to Brazilian Sites
Santos, A. P., Andrade, C. R.

Open Source Philosophy and the Dawn of Aviation
Mattos, B.S.

Performance Evaluation with PROMETHEE GDSS and GAIA: A Study on the ITA-SAT
Satellite Project
Belderrain, M. C. N., Gonçalves, T.J.

Masters and PHD thesis about Aerospace Technology and Management
Various authors