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A Review of Gradient Algorithms for Numerical Computation of 
Optimal Trajectories
Golfetto, W. A., Fernandes, S. S.

Fast Multipole Burton-Miller Boundary Element Method for Two and Three-Dimensional Acoustic Scattering
Wolf, W. R., Lele, S. K.

Inertial Measurement Unit Calibration Procedure for a Redundant Tetrahedral Gyro Configuration with Wavelet Denoising
Oliveira, E. J., Filho, W. C. L., Fonseca, I. M.

Neural Networks Modelling for Aircraft Flight Guidance Dynamics
Lu, W., El-Moudani, W., Revoredo, T. C., Mora-Camino, F.

Numerical Simulation of Performance of an Axial Turbine First Stage
Monteiro, V. G., Zaparoli, E. L., Andrade, C. R., Lima, R. C.

Design Optimization of Micro Air Launch Vehicle Using Differential Evolution
Aldheeb, M. A., Kafafy, R., Indres, M., Omar, H. M., Abido, M. A.

Numerical Studies on Flow Behavior of Composite Propellant Slurry During Vacuum Casting
Thiyyarkandy, B., Jain, M., Dombe, G. S., Mehillal, Singh, P. P., Bhattacharya, B.

System Architecture-based Design Methodology for Monitoring the Ground-based Augmentation System: Category I – Integrity Risk
Elias, P., Saotome, O.

Effects of Cosmic Radiation in Aircrafts: A Discussion about Aircrew over South America
Federico, C. A., Gonçalvez, O. L., Sordi, G. M. A. A., Caldas, L. V. E.

Statistical Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Maximum Precipitation Events on the Rio Grande do Sul
Corrêa, C. S.

Solidification Furnace for Microgravity Experiments on Sounding Rockets
An, C. Y., Boschetti, C., Ribeiro, M. F., Toledo, R. C., Freitas, F. E., Castilho, F. F., Bandeira, I. N.

Masters and PHD thesis about Aerospace Technology and Management
Various authors