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Finite element procedure for stress amplification factor recovering in a representative volume of composite materials
Junior, P. C. P., Bussamra, F. L. S., Arakaki, F. K.

15:1 Resonance effects on the orbital motion of artificial satellites
Formiga, J. F. S., Moraes, R. V.

Rate control system algorithm developed in state space for models with parameter uncertainties
Teixeira, A. J.

Assessment of the synthesis routes conditions for obtaining ammonium dinitramide by the FT-IR
Oliveira, J. I. S., Nagamachi, M. Y., Diniz, M. F., Mattos, E. C., Dutra, R. C. L.

Radar absorbing materials based on titanium thin film obtained by sputtering technique
Soethe, V. L., Nohara, E. L., Fontana, L. C., Rezende, M. C.

Numerical evaluation of an air- to-air missile radar cross section signature at X-band
Perotoni, M. B., Andrade, L. A.

Sensitivity analysis of airport noise using computer simulation
Bentes, F. M., Slama, J. G.

Lightning risk warnings based on atmospheric electric field measurements in Brazil
Ferro, M. A. S., Yamasaki, J., Pimentel, D. R. M., Naccarato, K. P., Saba, M. M. F.

Experimental results from the sounding vehicle Sonda III test campaign in the Pilot Transonic Wind Tunnel
Filho, J. B. P. F., Reis, M. L. C. C., Morgenstern Jr., A.

VSB-30 sounding rocket: history of flight performance
Garcia, A., Yamanaka, S. S. C., Barbosa, A. N., Bizarria, F. C. P., Jung, W., Scheuerpflug, F.

Preliminary development plan of the ALR, the laser rangefinder for the ASTER deep space mission to the 2001 SN263 asteroid
Brum, A. G. V., Jr., A. H., Rêgo, I. S., Francisco, C. P. F., Fenili, A., Madeira, F., Cruz, F. C., Assafin, M

Masters and PHD thesis about Aerospace Technology and Management
Various authors