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The use of molecular spectra simulation for diagnostics of reactive flows
Passaro, A., Jr, D. C., Gonçalves, E. A., Silva, M. M., Guimarães, A. P. L., Abe, N. M., Santos, A. M.

Computation of multiple limit cycles in nonlinear control systems – a describing function approach
Brito, A. G.

Entropy variation in isothermal fluid flow considering real gas effects
Silva, M. G., Oliveira, P. A.P.

A multilayer model to simulate rocket exhaust clouds
Moreira, D. M., Trindade, L. B., Fisch, G., Moraes, M. R., Dorado, R. M., Guedes, R. L.

On reduction of longest accessibility gap in lEo sun-synchronous satellite missions
Khamseh, H. B., Navabi, M.

Experimental measurements and numerical simulation of permittivity and permeability of Teflon in X band
Paula, A. L., Rezende, M. C., Barroso, J. J.

Synthesis of 2,4,6-triamino-1,3,5-trinitrobenzene
Silva, G., Mattos, E. C.

Measurements in an outdoor facility and numerical simulation of the radar cross section of targets at 10 Ghz
Peixoto, G. G., Alves, M. A., Orlando, A. J. F., Rezende, M. C.

Orbit determination modeling analysis by GPS including perturbations due to geopotential coefficients of high degree and order, solar radiation pressure and luni-solar attraction
Pardal, P. C. P. M., Moraes, R. V., Kuga, H. K.

Aerodynamic study of sounding rocket flows using Chimera and patched multiblock meshes
Neto, J. A. O., Basso, E., Azevedo, J. L. F.

Masters and PHD thesis about Aerospace Technology and Management
Various authors