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Technique applied in electrical power distribution for Satellite Launch Vehicle
Bizarria, F. C. P., Bizarria, J. W. P., Spina, F. D., Rosário, J. M.

Liquid rocket combustion chamber acoustic characterization
Pirk, R., Souto, C.A., Silveira, D. D., Souza, C. M., Góes, L. C. S.

Development of access-based metrics for site location of ground segment in LEO missions
Khamseh, H. B., Navabi, M.

Identifying dependability requirements for space software systems
Romani, M. A. S., Lahoz, C. H. N., Yano, E.T.

Welding of AA1050 aluminum with AISI 304 stainless steel by rotary friction welding process
Alves, E. P., Piorino Neto, F., An, C.Y.

Synthesis and characterization of GAP/BAMO copolymers applied at high energetic composite propellants
Kawamoto, A. M., Diniz M. F., Lourenço V. L., Takahashi, M. F. K., Keicher, T., Krause, H., Menke, K., Kempa, P. B.

Performance evaluation of commercial copper chromites as burning rate catalyst for solid propellants
Campos, E. A., Dutra, R. C. L., Rezende, L. C., Diniz, M. F., Nawa, W. M. D., Ilha, K.

Polimorfismo: caracterização e estudo das propriedades de uma fase cristalina
Polymorphism: characterization and study of the properties of a crystalline phase
Silva, G., Iha, K.

Prioritization of R&D projects in the aerospace sector: AHP method with ratings
Silva, A. C. S., Belderrain, M. C. N., Pantoja, F. C. M.

Open innovation as an alternative for strategic development in the aerospace industry in Brazil
Dewes, M. F., Gonçalez, O. L., Pássaro, A., Padula, A. D.

Communication skills: a mandatory competence for ground and airplane crew to reduce tension in extreme situations
Vieira, A. M., Santos, I. C.

A identificação amigo-inimigo nativa do Brasil: perguntas e respostas
The native identification friend-foe of Brazil: questions and replies
Wurts, E.J.

Masters and PHD thesis about Aerospace Technology and Management
Various authors