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Atmospheric flow measurements using the PIV and HWA techniques
Pires, L. B. M., Roballo, S. T., Fisch, G., Avelar, A. C., Girardi, R. M., Gielow, R.

Estimates of cosmic radiation dose received by aircrew of DCTA’s flight test special group
Federico, C. A., Pereira, H. H. C., Pereira, M. A., Gonçalez, O. L., Caldas, L. V. E..

Evaluation of nacelle drag using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Trapp, L. G., Argentieri, H. G.

Evaluation of crystallization kinetics of poly (ether-ketone-ketone) and poly (ether-ether-ketone) by DSC
Vasconcelos, G. C., Mazur, R. L., Botelho, E. C., Rezende, M. C., Costa, M. L.

The role of antioxidant on propellant binder reactivity during thermal aging
Villar, L. D., Silva, R. F. , Diniz, M. F., Takahashi, M. F. K., Rezende, L. C.

Synthesis of a boron modified phenolic resin
Kawamoto, A. M., Pardini, L. C., Diniz, M. F., Lourenço, V. L., Takahashi, M. F. K.

Modeling elastic and thermal properties of 2.5D carbon fiber and carbon/SiC hybrid matrix composites by homogenization method
Pardini, L. C., Gregori, M. L.

Thermal barrier coating by electron beam-physical vapor deposition of zirconia co-doped with yttria and niobia
Almeida, D. S., Cairo, C. A. A., Silva, C. R. M., Nono, M. C. A.

Advances of orbital gas tungsten arc welding for Brazilian space applications - experimental setup
Garcia, J. A. O., Dias (in memoriam), N. S., Lima, G. L., Pereira, W. D. B., Nogueira, N. F.

Characterization of titanium welded joints by the orbital gas tungsten arc welding process for aerospace application
Garcia, J. A. O., Lima, G. L., Pereira, W. D. B., Guimarães, V. A., Moura Neto, C., Paranhos, R. P. R.

Technology roadmap for development of SiC sensors at plasma processes laboratory
Fraga, M. A., Pessoa, R. S., Maciel, H. S., Massi, M., Oliveira, I. C.

Analysis of technological innovation strategy for small and medium companies of the
aeronautical sector
Moraes, M. B., Melo, F. C. L., Oliveira, E. A. A. Q., Cabral, A. S.

Proposta de um método para uma atuação pró-ativa na gestão da inovação tecnológica em uma instituição pública de pesquisa aeroespacial
Proposal of a method to a pro-active action in the technological innovation management in an aerospace public research institution
Brandão Neto, N., Oliveira, L. H.

Masters and PHD thesis about Aerospace Technology and Management
Various authors